What do you most love about running?

I love exploring new places, and being outside on the trails. There’s nothing better than running up a mountain or through a forest and being the only one around for miles.

Matt Buck

Is a qualified running coach and has been guiding people through challenge events for over 10 years, driven by his passion for anything involving the outdoors. As well as completing a number of ultra marathons and intense personal physical challenges, Matt has also led groups on treks and cycles all around the world. He’s  written for, and been featured by, numerous magazines and websites such as Men’s Running, Trail Running Magazine, UKRunChat and RunUltra.co.uk.

What has been your most challenging run to date? 

That would be the Dragons Back Race which I did last May. It’s rated the toughest 5 day mountain race in the world and it was brutal, over 200 miles of relentless mountain terrain through Wales with minimal sleep and no time to recover.

Most embarrassing moment when running?

Probably when I vomited over the finish line of a marathon in Wales…it wasn’t pretty, i was super dehydrated, it was like my body knew I was done so just let go!

How do you inspire others to give running a go?
I find that simply telling stories of my adventures and showing people that I’m just a normal guy, pushing the limits, inspires them to at least go and give it a go.