Make The Most Of Your Yoga Practice

Make The Most of Your Yoga Practice

When we started FitBites in 2014, we did it with the practice of yoga in mind. Our original range including Maca Mantra, Acai Asana and Spirulina Stretch, was a big hit, and even though we’ve grown that passion for a good stretch has stayed with us.

Yoga is great for keeping your muscles and joints toned and active, but it works wonders on your energy levels, too. Depending on the style, yoga can help to get you moving and motivated, or wind you down ready for bed. You’ll get a clear head from yoga, as well, which is great considering how busy most of us are these days.

These are our top tips for getting started and getting the most out of your yoga practice.

Buy a yoga mat

The simplest advice in the world, but a mat is so important. Not just for safety and comfort, but for getting into the zone. When you unroll your mat you’re making a commitment to spend some quality time looking after yourself. The mat is where you focus only on yoga, nothing else.

Try it at home

If you have to commit to a class right off the bat, and that class isn’t what you were hoping for, or they move at a pace which doesn’t suit you, it can be a little off-putting. Joining a yoga class is fantastic later on, and a great way to socialise, but we recommend starting out at home. Choose a few videos and work through them, finding your way into the flow.

We love the selection at YogaTX — fun, challenging, easy to follow along with.

Go until you feel the stretch

When you’re starting out, there’s a tendency to do all you can to match the instructor’s pose exactly, even if it means being painful bent out of shape. Perfect posing is not the point of yoga. Yoga is a self-care exercise, and the right pose is the one which feels good to you. If that means you’re only half as deep into the stretch as the instructor, then that’s where you need to be.

Breathe into movements

Don’t hold your breath, that’s the opposite of what yoga is supposed to be. When we can’t quite get into a certain pose, sometimes we hold our breath and force our bodies into that movement — that’s bad.

Breathe to lengthen out, then exhale as you sink into your pose.

Enjoy yourself

The most important thing to remember with yoga, is to enjoy yourself. This is time you’ve given yourself to take care of your body. It’s 30 minutes to an hour at most, so relax, focus, and enjoy it.

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Interview with Emma Boers, GB Polo player and FitBites ambassador

Emma Boers, youngest Team GB Polo Player

How old are you and where do you live?

I am 22 years old, and I live in Midhurst, West Sussex.
Most people probably don’t know a lot about polo. Can you enlighten us on the rules?

I would say it is quite similar to hockey, but played on horses. There are 2 teams of 4 players, chasing a ball around the field at a gallop. The aim being to score as many goals as you can, whilst avoiding your opponent.

How did you find your way into the sport? And why do you love it?

I love it because of the Adrenaline, the excitement and the horses. There’s nothing that beats the feeling you get at the end of a good match. I first watched polo on the TV when I was 11, and that was it, I was hooked. It became my dream to be a lady professional player. I worked my way up through Pony Club Polo, and at 15, I got my first amature job, and it grew from there.

How do you train for matches? Mostly on the horse, or in the gym, too?

It is a mix of both. Mainly I train on the horses, as it is important to make sure they are fit and performing at their best as well as myself. I combine this with 4 training sessions a week at the gym, focusing on strength conditioning. Polo is a male dominant sport, so it’s important I keep strong! I need to be able to give the guys some competition on the field.

How far can you go with competition-level polo — nationals? World championships?

Playing for England in an International Championship is a great achievement in terms of career goals. I was lucky enough to represent England When I played in South Africa for the England Ladies Team in 2015, it was an amazing experience. Although I would have to say, the ultimate achievement for any polo player would be the Queens Cup or Gold Cup. The two highest rated tournaments in England, they represent the toughest polo and you would be playing alongside the best of the best.

Tell us how you came into contact with FitBites, and what you like about the product…

I noticed FitBites on Twitter, and I wanted to give them a try as I was looking for a quick, easy snack, which I could eat on the go to a game or the gym. They give me all the right nutrients which is important, as I’m constantly on the go between the stables, matches and training and I don’t have much time to prepare healthy snacks.

Got any favourite FitBites products? What about the SuperBlends, tried those yet?

I have tried most of them, my favourites are the Super Reds and the Protein Hitt. I eat them daily! I haven’t tried the Superblends yet, but I look forward to receiving them in my next FitBites package.


Virus Performance Gear, Performance Gear For Performance People

Performance Gear for Performance People

With summer comes running, jumping, sled push and the general tendency – of either you or your coach – to get out and go even harder. The weather is warmer, so you’re looser, which is great for mobility, but all of that work mounts up, making muscles sore.

FitBites have teamed up with Virus Performance Gear, and over the coming months, we’ll be sharing articles on all things fitness, to really help you get the most out of your movement, whether you’re a CrossFitter, runner or yoga enthusiast. In this first article, we’ll introduce Virus, and suggest a few FitBites products to pair with particular sports. You fast-twitch athletes, for example, should check out our Push/Pull FitBites – available to buy directly from our shop.

Made For Movement

In the United States, the Virus Performance roster, the V-Team, consists of MMA fighters, powerlifters, motocross riders, obstacle course champions, and CrossFit Games athletes such as Wes Piatt and Kenneth Leverich. Virus is now available in the UK.

“The gear itself is about as tough as performance gear can be.” That’s Adam Turner, director of Virus in the UK, “It’s designed to look good, and made to perform under stress.”

That stress can mean barbells, mud, wood, grass, friction and repetitive motion. Virus gear is competitively priced, and you get what you pay for. It’s made to support you, and to withstand the abuse of extreme sport.

Speaking of extreme sports, our Protein HIIT balls pack 222 calories per pouch, and 9g of dairy-free hemp protein. We love hemp protein.

The range includes compression shorts, leggings, tops and accessories for both men and women.

The Future of Performance Clothing

What if you’ve never tried compression or real performance clothing before? Isn’t it just really tight? Not quite. Every piece of Virus clothing is built with some of the best, most advanced wearable technology in the world. The Coffee Charcoal fabric in its compression gear is infused with recycled coffee grounds, which add a layer of natural, breathable warmth. CoolJade works to cool the skin relative to your body temperature, and Bioceramic fabrics act to increase endurance and boost recovery, as soon as your workout is over.


Hold on, coffee grounds?

That’s right, recycled coffee grounds. Once they’ve been ground into a fine carbon powder – Coffee Charcoal – the coffee grounds can be made to act just like synthetic fibers, only without the embarrassingly large carbon footprint.

As a base layer for warmth, Virus have found that fabrics made with Coffee Charcoal can raise the skin’s surface temperature by 10 degrees fahrenheit, while still wicking away excess moisture. That’s why you’ll find it in their Stay Warm series.

And Bioceramic?

Bioceramic fabrics are infused with compounds which can help to improve circulation. That’s key, because improved circulation means more oxygen and nutrients, which means stronger endurance and faster recovery.

Exploring The Virus Range

The Stay Warm Series

The Stay Warm series is designed to, guess what, help you stay warm, whether that’s because you have some mobility issues, or because you’re training in cold conditions.

How does the technology in the Stay Warm Series work?

There are more than a few things to consider when making performance clothing intended for warmth, but it boils down to: trapping body heat, wicking away sweat, and supporting functional movement. On every Virus tag, you’ll find little symbols like the ones below, indicating which technologies are used in that particular piece.

virus tecnology

The Coffee Charcoal technology we’ve already mentioned is especially useful in the Stay Warm Series, as it helps to retain heat, and wick away moisture.

 The Stay Cool Series

You got it, the Stay Cool Series does the opposite of the Stay Warm Series. The Stay Cool Series garments are designed to uniformly bring your skin temperature down, while wicking away moisture.


How does the technology in the Stay Cool Series Work?

The star in the Stay Cool Series is CoolJade, which is made using recycled jade, a precious stone hailed for its cooling effects. It’s kind to skin, and durable enough to withstand whatever you’re likely to put it through.

The Energy Series

Here, you’ll find various bits of compression gear, infused with the technology we’ve mentioned, and designed to strategically work key areas of your body, to improve circulation. By strategic, we mean that the compression is tapered and focused in particular areas, to encourage flow where you need it the most – it’s not just uniformly tight.

For an added burst, FitBites Baobab Bounce balls come loaded with the natural energy of African baobab. They’re available in boxes of 10 from our online shop.Baobab-Bounce Optimized

All three collections, Stay Warm, Stay Cool and Energy, also make use of Virus X-Form Posture Control Technology. This technology, which is built into the design, keeps your body stable and supported, so that you’re as efficient and as powerful as possible.

What else?

As CrossFitters, you need clothing that’s durable. Virus’s Airflex shorts are designed with the functional fitness athlete in mind. The inseam is shorter to allow for a greater range of motion, and the 4-way stretch technology means that you’re not restricted at all, or at risk of exposing your butt in the bottom of a PB squat. And for you CrossFitters, we recommend our Pre/Post pouch, to power up before those intense WODs, and recover naturally afterwards.


You can browse and buy the entire Virus range online now.