Eating For Allergies: Healthy Swaps For Everyday Staples


Eating For Allergies: Healthy Swaps For Everyday Staples If you’ve lived with an eating for  allergy for a long time, perhaps your entire life, then you’re probably well aware of the alternatives. If, however, you’ve recently developed an eating for allergy, or maybe your child has, then knowing which foods to avoid, and importantly, which […]

Why Choose All-Natural Food Over Processed


There’s no reason why you can’t start eating better at any time of year, but right around the start of January is when most of us — hungover or not — have the fresh motivation to try something new. Call it a resolution, or just call it getting your butt in gear, but eating more […]

Maca 5 Reasons to Try This Superfood

Maca powder

Maca for a natural energy boost As part of the radish family, the maca root looks pretty unremarkable, but it’s anything but. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals, and is known in South America as Peruvian Ginseng, for its ability to boost energy levels, stamina and even sexual health. This amazing ingredient is also rich in antioxidants […]

Organic Foods, Are They Better For You?


Organic foods, are they better for you? We pride ourselves on being fully organic foods at FitBites, but if you’ve ever wondered what the big deal is, why anyone would bother paying extra for organic food, we’ve got a few answers. In short, if you asked us whether it pays to go organic, we’d say […]

5 Ways To Use FitBites Superfood Blends


  Finding all of the right ingredients for your recovery or pre-workout smoothies can be both challenging and expensive. That’s why we created our superfood blends, so that you’d have more of what you need to create healthy, high-energy, high-protein smoothies in one pouch. There are loads more ways to use our blends, though, and […]

Sugar, is the war on sugar justified or misunderstood?


Sugar good or bad? We’re really open at FitBites when it comes to sugar. Our products are healthy, natural and organic snacks, but they’re also intended for active people. Eat too much of anything and there are bound to be negative side-effects, and it is no different. What’s helpful to understand, though, is that the […]

What Should I Expect From a CrossFit Class?


What Should I Expect From a CrossFit Class? If you’re just about to head off to your very first CrossFit class, or you’re considering it, we’ve got a few tips and insights to help you hit the ground running. Lets start with some basics. What is CrossFit? CrossFit is the brand name for a type […]

Make The Most Of Your Yoga Practice


Make The Most of Your Yoga Practice When we started FitBites in 2014, we did it with the practice of yoga in mind. Our original range including Maca Mantra, Acai Asana and Spirulina Stretch, was a big hit, and even though we’ve grown that passion for a good stretch has stayed with us. Yoga is […]

Interview with Emma Boers, GB Polo player and FitBites ambassador


Interview with Emma Boers, youngest Team GB Polo Player How old are you and where do you live? Interview with Emma Boers– I am 22 years old, and I live in Midhurst, West Sussex. Most people probably don’t know a lot about polo. Can you enlighten us on the rules? I would say it is […]