Organic Healthy Energy Bites and Active Kids: FitBites Q&A

Organic Snacks and Healthy Kids: FitBites Q&A  FitBites was founded in 2014 with the ambition of combining healthy eating and sport, with a passion for getting kids active. Now, almost a year on, FitBites are available in yoga studios and independent health food shops across the UK. The product itself,  organic healthy energy bites made […]

Super Reds and Fabulous Fruits

  Sweet, tangy and absolutely packed with delicious organic fruits, the next in our line of brand new flavours, Super Reds, bring a taste of Summer year-round. With Super Reds, we wanted to create something that would help you out both immediately before and after your workouts, but that would also benefit your long-term health. […]

Baobab Bounce! That’s Bay-Oh-Bab

Some baobab trees still producing fruit have been carbon dated to around 1,000 years old, with estimates of others being even older.   Reason enough, we think, to want to try the incredible fruit it bears – what an awesome link to the past! Baobab trees are native to parts of mainland Africa, Madagascar and Australia, […]

Spirulina Stretch Uncovered

Did you know that spirulina is the richest source of plant protein in the world? Its protein content is around 60% of its weight, and gram-for-gram, it has more protein than red meat, chicken and eggs. How could we not use it, right? What is spirulina? It looks pretty simple – spirulina is a blue-green […]

FitBites Fuel and Recover the Natural Way


If you’re new to FitBites, welcome! We started making our products in 2014 because of a love for fitness and for healthy, natural foods. We decided early on that we wanted to help out active children’s programmes, too, since we think that getting kids involved in sports is really important for the health of generations […]