Organic Healthy Energy Bites and Active Kids: FitBites Q&A


Organic Snacks and Healthy Kids: FitBites Q&A

 FitBites was founded in 2014 with the ambition of combining healthy eating and sport, with a passion for getting kids active. Now, almost a year on, FitBites are available in yoga studios and independent health food shops across the UK. The product itself,  organic healthy energy bites made from fruits, nuts and superfoods, is also available online and soon from some of the country’s leading retailers.

If you’re curious to learn more about the FitBites mission, here’s a quick Q&A with our founders, Emma and Ramon.

What was the inspiration for starting the company?

It’s a very simple story. Both Ramon and I have a passion for natural healthy food and have been surrounded by sports all our lives. Since starting the business we have certainly seen the demand for clean eating grow and this is what FitBites represents – simple, clean and healthy foods.

We also hope that by donating 10% of our profits to active kids projects, we will see more children enjoy and benefit from sports too.

FitBites is on a mission to get kids physically active again. What are the main challenges we face? Is it still TV and video games?

As with many issues, there is often a combination of challenges which is why society scratches their heads for a solution. If we were to focus on one issue, my personal belief is that in most instances, children’s habits are influenced by their family and teachers. If mum and dad eat junk food and activity extends to pushing a button on the remote then, I think you get the picture.

If both parents and children enjoy a healthy balanced diet, and they share the fun of a family walk, the kick of a football in the park, or a swim at the local pool, then surely this can help mould them for a better future?

As a key influencer, schools also need to take greater responsibility, make lunchtime meals healthier, and inject some fun into PE. Imagine young children being offered a Zumba class rather than being asked to run around a muddy field in the rain. Bootcamp style workouts can be made fun and accessible for children of all ages. Learning good form in these types of classes teaches a child a lot about their bodies. 

How can parents encourage their kids to be more active?

By being more active themselves. Being fit and healthy for your children is so important. Enjoying and sharing activates with them is so much fun. 

And the products themselves, how are they made?

Our processes are very simple; we curate only the highest grade of natural ingredients. These are then blended and hand rolled. So as to maintain the optimal nutritional value, none of the ingredients are heated. 

How do you come up with the flavour combinations? Have there been ones that didn’t quite make the cut?

With lots of testing and the use of many human guinea pigs. We’ve certainly had a few combinations that turned faces and rapidly found the bin but that’s part of the fun. As we avoid the use of binding agents, the tricky part is then ensuring that the ingredients bind well naturally.

FitBites are paleo-friendly, organic and gluten-free. How important was it to you that you covered all of these things?

Our ingredients are fruit, nut and plant-based, so they naturally tick a number of health conscious boxes: paleo, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free. Where possible we always use organic ingredients because quite simply why wouldn’t you? They taste better and they are free of nasties. If we are ticking lots of boxes then we hope we are satisfying more people.

Tell us about your new Pre/Post pouches. What are they for?

Ah well, our pre/post balls were the brainstorm of hours of marathon training. The pre training balls gives you the burst of energy you need to get you on your way and the post recovery ball provides a little protein and replenishment after your run. Having them in a handy resealable pouch means you can just throw them in your kit bag or pocket and you’re off.

FitBites are free from added sugars, are paleo and vegan friendly and are gluten-free. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and competitions.