FitBites Story

We love sport and we love eating clean, healthy food. Creating products and a brand that combines the two would surely result in the dream job? And so, we took to the kitchen with our Kenwood blender and spent days and months experimenting.

We were incredibly lucky to be surrounded by inspiring and supportive neighbours who helped us on our journey. And we will mention a couple as a friend once told us ‘nobody gets through this life on their own’ and it’s very true!

Tim bite photo

Tim Ellis our celebrity illustrator, doodler, ideas generator, lecturer and author and even appeared on ‘The Apprentice’ and illustrated the winning book ‘Lizzie’s First Adventure.’  Tim showed huge amounts of patience turning our ideas into a brand and designing our packaging. We wanted the brand to be fun, clean and simple. You nailed it Tim!


Mark bite photo

Mark Gillett professional tennis coach, adventurer photographer, ultra marathon runner, mentor and friend spent hours tasting our good, bad and very bad samples. Mark told us of how he would often see ultra marathon runners fuelling up with absolute junk, gels, jelly sweets to name just a few.

When he interviewed and photographed Mohamad Ahansal 5 times winner of the Marathon de Sables he explained that his running style was beautiful and seemingly effortless. ‘He flies over the sands with hardly a foot print to be seen, he quite literally left the others for dust.’ Mark explained that Mohamad simply crushed dates and almonds into a small ball, popped them into his backpack and he was off. ‘Keep it simple and keep it natural guys’ were his words.

Mark was sadly taken from us far too early. Thank you Mark your motivation and inspiration lives on in so many people. If FitBites can achieve half of what you did to inspire others we will agree that’s a job well done!

Joe Jackson Nutritional Therapist

Joe Jackson 
a fully qualified nutritional therapist, with over ten years of experience in the health industry. Joe has helped us design some of the products. With his years of experience in this industry, knowledge and salubrious outlook we feel he has been a great help.

He runs his own thriving Surrey-based clinic, with a successful track record yielding tangible and dramatic results for his clients.

Vehemently against “diets” and calorie counting, his practice is run with a relaxed judgement-free mentality and likes to work closely with his clients to make sure the goals they set together are achievable for them. Keep up the amazing work Joe!!

Mohammed bite photo


And so, we have indeed kept it simple and our first range of products have taken inspiration from Mohamad. FitBites are bite sized balls predominantly made from the winning combination of crushed dates and almonds. Balls are easy to consume if you are on the run and bite size pieces mean you control what you are eating. We keep the number of ingredients low as we believe good food doesn’t need to be complicated. Each combination contains a superfood to give you that extra nutritional boost.

We hope you enjoy them and will join us on our journey to support projects that encourage kids to enjoy leading healthier and fitter lives.

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