The Inspiration

The inspiration for FitBites came one sunny afternoon whilst on maternity leave.  The motivation was simple, Ramon and Emma are both passionate about sport, fitness and healthy eating. They want to support others to receive the same enjoyment.

They both love eating clean, raw food, we were unimpressed by the often dry and uninspiring flavoured snack bars available. So, they set about creating healthy snacks that were fresh, tasty and could be enjoyed by all.  They both wanted to create a brand that was fun and would motivate people to be more active. And so Fitbites sprung to life!

Keep It Simple And Keep It Natural 

A close friend of ours adventurer photographer and ultra-marathon runner told us how he would often see runners fuelling up with absolute junk, jelly sweets and gels that were full of additives and refined sugars. However, when he interviewed one of the most successful runners of all time, Mohamad Ahansal, he revealed that he simply crushed dates and almonds into a small ball and popped them into his backpack or pocket and off he went. ‘Keep it simple and keep it natural guys’ were his words. And so the base of our energy balls was born, following this amazingly simple yet winning combination.

At FitBites we make all our products ourselves in West Sussex which means that we never have to compromise on the quality of our ingredients and produce to the highest possible standards.  This allows us to be flexible and creative. The Re-Balance bars that we make for Selfridges are a great example of this.


A Small Business With Big Ambition 

At the heart of our business we have a goal to inspire children to become more active which is why we donate a percentage of our profits to projects that support this.  As we expand we hope to make a real difference to others.

The introduction of our blends and balls is just the beginning. We’re always moving forwards. Be it drinks, cereals or cafes our intention is to bring you more of FitBites. So watch this space!

Live Fit, Eat Fit,

Emma and Ramon.