NEW! Introducing the new ‘Superfood Blends’ in a unique biodegradable pouch!


New Blends
FitBites new superfood blends

With the original FitBites snack range, we blended fruits and seeds with some pretty special superfoods. There’s so much more that can be done with those fabulous ingredients, though, and we think our superfood blends are the answer. These aren’t just powdered berries, either, but expertly designed combinations of the most delicious, healthy sources of energy and nutrition in the world.

All of our superfood blends are organic, gluten and dairy-free, vegan and paleo. They’re also packaged in biodegradable pouches, making them kinder to our environment.

Sprinkle, shake or stir them into porridge, yoghurt, and whatever else you feel could benefit from a superfood boost. And remember, for every FitBites product you buy, we’ll donate a portion of the profits to active kids projects.


FitBites use only natural foods, or Wholefoods are foods that have been provided for us by nature, and by their very nature, are the perfect foods for our bodies to survive and thrive on. Quite simply, why would you wish to put anything else in your body?


Where possible we use organic certified ingredients. Not only does it taste great but organic food has more of the antioxidant compounds linked to better health, and lower levels of the harmful toxic metals and pesticides and sulphites that are linked to sickness.


FitBites definition of raw foods means uncooked and unprocessed so that the ingredients that we use maintain their optimum level of nutritional value. We believe in eating a raw food diet where possible so that the ingredients used can retain the highest and purest level of nutrients. Heating food destroys its nutrients and natural enzymes.


Superfoods are considered to be some of the healthiest foods you can eat due to their much higher-nutrient-to-calorie ratio than other foods. These nutrient-dense, whole foods that provide a high concentration of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. You really can’t go wrong adding these to your diet which is why you will find exciting superfoods in every product.

Charitable ‘BiteBack’

‘You Bite, and we give back’ FitBites is passionate about encouraging children to become more active and eat healthy foods. This is why we use a percentage of our profits to support projects that do just that.

Biodegradable / Environmentally Friendly

We are proud to say we are the 1st company selling Superfood blends on a Biodegradable pouch!!. As far as we are aware we are the first company in the world to do so. We love the world we live in and so we will help protect the environment by using recyclable, biodegradable and compostable packaging.