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Dates, Almonds (nuts), Raisins, Pea protein, Cacao Nibs, Natural Orange Oil


Dates, Almonds (nuts), Raisins, Pea protein, Raspberries, Natural Raspberry Oil


Dates, Almonds (nuts), Raisins, Pea Protein, Blueberries, Natural Blueberry Oil.

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Enjoy our mixes boxes containing 3 flavours, Perfect for the family, day out and share. It includes 5x Berry & Almonds, 5x Orange & Cacao and 5x Blueberry & nuts. Enjoy our delicious snacks simply packed in a convenient box.


Ideal for those away trips with your friends and family. Our 3 pack combo pack includes our best sellers: – Orange + Cacao Nibs – Blueberry + Nuts – Berries + Almonds Maximise on nutrition and savings with our tasty On-the-Go snacks. Simply pop them all open and enjoy!


FitBites 500ml Sports Water Bottle. Hight quality bottle to keep you cool with your favourite drink!