Summer and dieting – 10 healthy tips

Summer and dieting, 10 healthy tips.

If you want to diet during the summer, I advise you to forget about strict diets and to take care of yourself by eating well and eating healthy.

Forget counting calories and enjoy the typical foods and dishes of this hot season.
And to take care of yourself and not get fat, I recommend that you follow these 10 tips.
Tips for dieting in summer

  1. Don’t forget the vegetables
    Let the main base of your dishes be vegetables or salads, so you will not lack vitamins or fiber such very fresh salads that in addition to flavor will hydrate you.
    At this time of year we have a greater variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables. You will include it in your diet since this way you will save money and gain in flavor.
    I propose this recipe for watermelon gazpacho or this one for zucchini spaghetti with pine nuts. Both made with seasonal foods.
  2. Control the quantities
    You can enjoy food without eating until you can’t. To satisfy yourself, I recommend that you always start your meals with some vegetables, eat slowly and give your brain time to “tell” you that you no longer need to eat. If you are going to share servings, try to control the quantities by serving what you are going to eat on a plate.
  3. Don’t go hungry from dieting during the summer
    If you are hungry, eat something every 3 hours throughout the day as mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks prevent you from arriving at lunch and dinner fiercely hungry.
    You already know that to lose weight it does not matter how many times you eat but the quality of what you choose.
  4. Don’t eliminate carbohydrates, reduce them
    Even if you are dieting during the summer, have your carbohydrate ration (bread, rice, pasta or potato) as a side and not as a main dish. You don’t need to ‘delete’ them.
    A good trick is to take as a measure of the hydrate already cooked, that of a small cup of coffee. And if you want to eat more hydrate, remember that you should also increase your physical activity.
  5. Avoid excess fat
    Remember that a tablespoon of fat gives you about 90 kcal. And not always healthy. Avoid dishes with sauces as much as possible and if you add them ensure they healthy sauces and made by you.
  6. Don’t abuse salt
    Excess salt is not good for your health and will make your body feel more bloated, especially in the heat. If you are one of the people who complains about retaining fluids, I advise you that instead of taking uncontrolled diuretics that can dehydrate you, reduce the salt in your meals.
    To do this, choose healthy and traditional snacks such as olives, pickles, ham or prawns and avoid salty bag snacks that are high in fat and high in salt.
  7. Avoid alcohol if you want to diet in summer
    Avoid alcoholic beverages as much as possible as they only provide empty calories.
    If you drink them, make it very occasional and try to accompany them with calorie-free soft drinks such as homemade, light cola, light tonic … In this way you reduce the amount of alcohol and calories.
    And don’t forget that alcohol is never good for your health.
  8. Your summer diet should be based on eating real food
    Forget ultra-processed products. Whether you are dieting in the summer or the rest of the year.
    They are very little nutritious and provide you with a lot of calories. If you don’t buy them, you won’t be tempted to consume them. And if you fancy any, think that you always have a healthy alternative, usually homemade.
  9. Have homemade ice cream
    If you are dieting in the summer, when you fancy an ice cream try to make it homemade.
    I propose different recipes. All very easy and appetizing: ice cream or light sorbet. If you buy it, try fruit to avoid at least the calories from fat.
  10. Move around as part of your diet during the summer
    Do not forget about the sport. Perhaps this is the most effective advice for your weight and for your health. Spend at least 30 minutes of your day doing some aerobic exercise (cycling, swimming, running…) and anaerobic (push-ups, squats, sit-ups…).
    Not only will it help you burn excess calories but it will make you feel better.

These tips will surely help you take care of yourself and make better choices while still enjoying your summer.